NEXA 2+1 SW Supports Sensor Strip

Nexa switches are smart devices that automate your electrical appliances with their exterior retrofit designs. It is a device that is enables with Wi-Fi and allows you to control appliances from any where in the world remotely using MIOT Home app. With a 15 minutes installation process, you can manage all the appliances with your smartphone or tablet. Avail all automation features in the MIOT Home app such as schedules, routines, timers, and scenes. Control all of them using voice with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

2+1 Node Switch is a smart device that enables you to automate any two appliance with one fan speed regulation. With this device, you can turn on/off an appliance as well as change the fan speed at one tap on your smartphone. The device will help you create your workflows or schedules so that you won’t have to move a single muscle to make appliances work. This device has the technology to control appliances that have an IR based remote, create temperature & humidity based workflows & more.